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  1. regedit→HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{7DBA6DCA-FFE8-4002-A28F-4D2B57AE8383}找有你ip的那個,新增DWORD,名稱叫TcpAckFrequency然後值設1
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters,在parameters的分類新增一個DWORD,名稱叫TCPNoDelay也是把值設1
  3. 接著再重開機,就會發現ping有明顯下降了


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







將從 Windows Reigstry 複製起來到 Setup 存成 xxx.reg


  1. 先去www.sun.com or 任何抓的到java程式的地方,應該是含有Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE)就可以了.
  2. 再到 這邊 抓java程式,如果被改名成wowproxy.zip自己在改成wowproxy.jar就好了
  3. 安裝完後,命令提示字元→切到放wowproxy.jar的目錄→ java -jar wowproxy.jar →程式執行的畫面
    Starting SOCKS Proxy on:
    Accepted from:hostname.domainname.tld:3275
    Request version:5 Command: CONNECT
    IP:destination.domain.tld/333.222.444.444 Port:34522
    Connected to destination.domain.tld/333.222.444.444:34522
    [after closing the connection]
    Aborting operation
    Main thread(client→remote)stopped.
    Support thread(remote→client) stopped
  4. 輸入'+' 再enter,會看到有開啟的訊息
    TCP-NODELAY enabled
  5. 接著再用freecap
    設定 server: port 1180
    socks v5,不需要認證
可以 參考

大致上是因為TCP protocol會有個delayACK,透過方法1 or 方法2就是把那delayACK的功能拿掉,這樣就可以節省等待TCP packet回應的時間

ps. vista的話可以試試看下面這種
vista version

For Vista users, you can download this hotfix from here.

Vista 32 bit - http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?showtopic=3265
Vista 64 bit - http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?showtopic=5976
You will have to register on that site to download it,
but it is free and I have never received any kind of ads or spam from them.
Pretty good site for Windows hotfixes that are generally unpublished
to the public on any kind of widespread basis.

作者 jwjw0513 (我老了還會繼續科科嗎?)

歐服官論討論:打開微軟媒體播放器是否可以加速WoW性能,有玩家稱先打開微軟媒體播放器[windows media player,WMP]然後登錄WoW可顯著增加魔獸世界性能,包括數據載入速度和每秒幀數。有玩家指不需打開WMP只需打開DirectX開發包[DirectX SDK]中的\Samples\C++\Direct3D\Bin\x86 or x64\EmptyProject.exe即可達到同樣效果。


The origin of this "performance boost" is quite simple. Almost all of the applications are using system timers in some of the ways. This is a natural way of telling the system "Hey! I wanna draw this thing in 5 milliseconds. Now I'm going to sleep, wake me up in 5ms!". Windows has a thing called multimedia timers. These are the only timers with a high precision and predictability (up to 1ms resolution). By default these timers run with a precision like 10ms. So if the application want to wait for something using a
3ms interval it will actually have to wait for 3-10 seconds. Windows Media Player is using documented Windows functions (timeBeginRange, timeEndRange) which allow the system to boost the timers precision up to 1ms. You may ask why Microsoft didn't set this by default for you, well... Increasing timers resolution will cause your CPU to handle more interrupts and it will cause greatly increased power consumption (especially in sleep modes). Usually most of the applications don't really need such precision. So it is recommended for the software developers to only use this function when they're have a lot of heavy multimedia processing in their code.


Advanced Tips and Tricks:
FPSbooster or WMP: Here's a trick to boost the FPS of your server. Higher
FPS will make the game run smoother. The higher the better, as long as you
keep it below 800 (when you go above 800, you will most likely find a lot of
unexplainable server issues. It's the high FPS, I'm tellin' you!). The
secret to this trick is to simply open Windows Media Player (and keep it
open) while your server runs. It will boost the fps to the max value set by
fps_max. WMP uses a relatively high amount of resources though, which is why
I prefer the srcdsfpsboost.exe program. It's only 37kb and does the job

Grab the file here srcdsfpsboost

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